Monday, September 22, 2008

sketch art

I went to an art thing ( Art Around Lakeside) to see my friend Dana Frostick. We arrived late when everyone was packing up and I starting looking at the art of Katherine Meiller. Once I see that I like something I try to look at all of it. She showed me a stack of sketches which were wonderful and she then offered me to take one. so here it is. I left with her sketch and her business card and noticed later that she is on Etsy. How nice to run into an Etsy artist by chance. I love her collages and her store @ and her website is I hope you enjoy this sketch as much as I do. They were all wonderful and more of them can be seen under Studies in ink on her website.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

first treasury

first treasury
Originally uploaded by LisaB16

Here is my first Treasury on Etsy! I thought it was impossible. For my convenience and yours here is a list of Flikr groups that you can search for your shop name to see if your were in a Treasury but missed it