Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Heart My Dog

Since I have'nt posted for a long time I thought I would help spread the word about Skylar's Candy Clips contest giveaway. Two winners will be selected. One for photo and the other for comment entry. Please become a follower of her blog and joint in on the contest.
I'll use this as my comment entry. Before I adopted Teddy from the Henrico Humane Society I has some cosmic gravitational pull to find a dog. I was at the SPCA one day and saw a funny little white dog with huge ears but fairly small in size. The lable on the kennel was "cattle dog". I did not know what that was but that was all I wanted from that point on. I searched the on line pet adoption sites and saw Teddy. I went to the location they set up for the adoptions had to wait for him to arrive. There was as similar dog that was smaller and very cute already there. Once Teddy arrived I spend a long while just hanging around with him. I thought about the other dog but I had come for Teddy and I brought him home that day. Teddy makes us laugh every day and fills my life with many challenges. I'll never tire of his cuteness. Here's two pictures of him. The pumkin hat picture is my favorite and the pin cushion picture shows him into mischief.
PS I found the original photo from the web site adoption. It's the very top photo. What a cutie pie he was!