Monday, January 21, 2008

custom order

I received a request for a shirt based on the Kelly green shirt. I work by instinct and not by measuring or keeping track of anything really. So the outcome of the final product does not resemble the original shirt. I actually like the new shirt more than the bright green shirt but was distraught over trying to get very close to copying it. I dont have the patience for measuring and detailed notes so when I finish with a shirt I'm not likely to duplicate it again unless by dumb luck. So there's the dye powder to measure, the soda ash and salt. they all affect the end results. The first shirt I did yellow then fuschia and turquois blue last. On the second shirt fushia then green. I also have a plan B shirt that I continued to work on and have finished today but will need to wash and photograph it when I have some daylight. I'll add it later for comparison. I have broken down and am taking notes so I can master the colors.

I forgot to come back and update this post. the very top photo is my plan B shirt. Once I saw how different my first shirt was I started a second with of course a completely different look than the first two. However, I like the coloring on this one too. I like to call it camo as it reminds me of camoflage.

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