Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sculpture Artist

I saw Deborah G Rogers at the Va. Beach Boardwalk Art Show last week. I see her every now and then at these large shows.I wish you could see more of her work. I am always thrilled to see what she has done. Her work is so special. She is a self proclaimed "narrative sculptor". I only have one picture to show you of her work which I pulled from her business card. I could find nothing about her on the internet. She told me she was working on a website for later this year. I am looking forward to that. She has put in an application to the Craft and design Show and said if you don't see me there, they did not accept me. I told her they have scaled down the size but she belongs in that show and dont see why she would not be accepted.


soulflower said...

Thats too bad! Sometimes its hard when you are an artist.

Sharon said...

Hi Libu!

Thought I'd stop over here to say thanks for stopping by my blog today and to see what you are up to on yours.

Wow! This piece by Deborah Rogers is sensational. That little marionette trapped in the tiny space is so sad and so evocative of the niches we can get ourselves trapped in. Duly noted is the image at the bottom of the woman so proud of her ultra clean laundry.

I am in awe of any artist who does the big shows and would surely love to see more of Deborah's work. How could any jury turn down this woman's art?

Laura said...

This is so beautiful! Really evocative.